Kaley and CJ's Orchard Bloom Engagement Session

cherry orchard engagement

Springtime weather in Michigan can be highly unpredictable.  Back in April, we had a streak of very warm weather - near 80 degrees - for a few days.  It was looking like the cherry trees would bloom several weeks early.  A lot of my couples opt to wait until spring to have their engagement photos taken and I always encourage them to consider doing an orchard bloom session.  When we had that warm weather streak in mid April, my brides were contacting me asking to set up appointments.  I knew in normal years, the cherry trees do not bloom in West Michigan until about a week into May.  This year looked like it was going to be different for sure.  Then the weather changed.  It went from glorious to about 2 weeks of cold weather and rain.  I pushed sessions back about 2 or 3 times every time the weather forecasters called for warmups that never happened.

You see, the thing with cherry bloom time is that it comes on suddenly and it is over within a few days.  The trees are solid white for sometimes only a day or two if it is very warm out, and then the petals quickly fall and leaves pop out.  So, scheduling these sessions in advance is almost impossible and my couples need to be open to just jumping and doing a session when the weather cooperates.  Thankfully, when the trees finally bloomed this year (which happened to turn out to be about the same time they always bloom, after all) Kaley and CJ were able to come up to Oceana County and take advantage of this rare opportunity.  Although it was still a little chilly, the sun was out, spirits were up, and we were surrounded by an endless sea of white blooms.

cherry tree engagement

If you happen upon this blog during the winter or early spring months and are thinking of having an orchard bloom portrait session done, contact me and I will add you to my wait list.  Because these sessions have to take place during such a limited amount of time, I will only be able to take on a small number of them each year.  The farms are located in Shelby, Michigan, which is about 45 minutes away from Muskegon, and about an hour and a half from Grand Rapids.  I can, of course do sessions in orchards the rest of the year, but the blooms only happen for a few days in the spring.

Here are a few more from this session.  We also took advantage of a nearby peach orchard which was full of pink blooms.

peach blossom engagement
cherry blossom michigan
dramatic orchard bloom engagement