A lifestyle maternity photography session in Grand Haven, Michigan.

About a month ago, I talked to Ashley about her desire to do a maternity session.  I currently do not have a dedicated studio, and the weather in Michigan in April tends to be a bit blah.  Even on a warm day, nothing much is green yet, and the lake is still very cold - too cold to want to go hang out around the beach.  When I discussed the option of doing a lifestyle maternity session with her, Ashley jumped on board with it.  Doing any kind of lifestyle session is a great way to incorporate pets or other family members in a more laid back environment, and its especially good when weather is unpredictable.

Indoor  (7 of 23).JPG

We started out by taking photos of Ashley around baby Zoey's nursery.  It can be a little difficult working in a small room, but the light off the window creates a dramatic effect that can look like something out of a studio.  It is also fun to do silhouette photos in front of the windows.

maternity silhouette

The beauty of any kind of lifestyle session is that they capture a little bit more of what life is really like.  You can look back at lifestyle photos after many years have gone by and rememberwhat your house looked like and the feelings you felt while living there.  Having a professional photographer capture this ensures that the photos are high quality - even in areas with lower light.  Do you have a photo of your family just hanging out on the couch together?  For many of us, that takes up a good portion of our day.  Taking a photo of that might seem silly, but it is actually a very cool thing to have.

Real life!

Real life!

Its also nice to not have to pack up all the special things you have bought for the new baby and drag them around to other locations to possibly lose or get them dirty.  All of your clothes are right there too, in your closet, so you can grab anything that you want to change into if the mood calls for something different.  Bonus:  Actual doors and rooms where you can change rather than awkwardly trying to change in the car while ducking below the windows.

dirt bike addict baby bib

Even with lifestyle, you can still go outside.  Ashley and Andy happened to have a small field between their house and the neighbors so we went out there for some shots.  Sure, it was April and kind of gloomy out, but we still got some good ones.

maternity field michigan photo

Consider doing a lifestyle session.  Seriously.  They turn out much cooler than you'd expect.  Just make sure to clean some areas of the house.  I know, that's the one pitfall.  I hate cleaning haha!  But I promise you, its a good excuse for cleaning and so worth it!