Katie and Travis' Engagement session

Katie and Travis were another one of my engaged couples that took advantage of having an orchard bloom engagement photo session.  They both were so fun and easygoing with smiles that could light up any room!  I love it when I am able to work with such openly affectionate couples as I feel this creates more authentic work that isn't stiff and forced.

We did the session at a private cherry and peach orchard up in Oceana County, Michigan.  Having varied types of fruit blossoms gave us both bright white and pretty pink to work with.  Everything all tied together quite nicely, especially Katie's cute floral dress among the pink blossoms!

We spent a good portion of the morning wandering through the orchards picking out the perfect places to take photos.  We were even blessed with a beautiful sunny day and mild weather.  It is easy to forget that just days prior to this, it was 50 degrees and rainy!

The photo above is one of my favorites from the session.  I don't know what he said to her, but it must have been good!

I'll say it again, if you are engaged or have a hunch that you might be getting engaged soon, an orchard engagement session is an excellent idea.  Cherry orchards in Michigan typically bloom sometime during the first week of May.  Because the weather is unpredictable in advance, I tend to keep a window of time open - spanning up to a week - to do these sessions.  My couples need to be able to go with the flow for these as rain may ruin the date they had planned, or cold weather could have their session bumped multiple times if the weather gets weird (as it often does in Michigan!).  However, I can say, if you are willing to work with the weather, these sessions are stunningly pretty!

I also offer some orchard sessions the rest of the year on a limited basis.  Most of the summer the trees are just plain green.  I do have access to apple orchards as well, which make for great fall photo sessions.  All of these orchards are about 45 minutes away from Muskegon, Michigan and about an hour and a half from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Contact me if you would like to set something up!