Kristin and Branden's Wedding - Laketown Golf and Conference Center - Saugatuck, Michigan

Kristin and Branden's wedding was the type of wedding that I remember from when I was growing up and watching my older siblings get married - it was big, Catholic, gorgeous, and FUN!

Check out some of these gorgeous shots from when Kristin and Brendan were getting ready prior to the ceremony.  I always like to include these in the collection to show the story of the full day and not just the ceremony. 

The light streaming in through the windows onto the bride's gown is one of my favorite things to photograph.

This is right about the time when it all starts getting "real"!

We hurried on over to the church to start the ceremony. 


As guests made their way over to the reception, I hitched a ride on the party bus with the wedding party.  We took some photos in downtown Holland, MI and on over to Hamilton, MI.


My 2nd photographer that day, Christian VanAntwerpen (yes I shoot with my husband quite a bit!), went straight to Laketown Golf and Conference Center to get some photos of the reception while I did the photos of the wedding party.  Having a 2nd photographer makes getting those shots so much easier because by the time I arrive for receptions with the wedding party, it is time to immediately introduce them and cut right to the speeches and dinner. 

Kristin and Branden behaved themselves during the cake cutting (well mostly....haha!). 

After the cake is served, its time to start the first dance as husband and wife.

After the formal dances, its time to open up the dance floor and party!

I like to vary up the dancing photos for fun.  I shoot many of them with a mix of flash and ambient light, and some I dial the flash way back and slow the shutter which creates this blur.  I personally think it highlights all of the movement taking place in the photo and looks kind of cool!  I figured I'd show it as I know some people are drawn to this whereas others prefer shots that are more like the two above this photo.

Congratulations again Kristin and Branden!  It was truly a pleasure photographing your wedding!