Q.  Do you have wedding packages shorter than 6 hours?
     A:  On Saturdays, if I am not booked within 3 months of the wedding date, I will sometimes make exceptions to the 6 hour minimum.  However, my summer Saturdays tend to fill up fast so this rarely happens.  One reason I have this minimum is because every wedding still involves a lot of editing and other work on the back-end of things.  I will make a few exceptions for elopements and small non-traditional weddings, as well as weekday weddings.

Q.  How long have you been doing this professionally?
     A:  I started doing weddings in early 2012 and have shot close to 100 weddings since then on my own and for other photographers.

Q.  Do I get to own the copyright on my photos?
     A:  The copyright will always belong to the photographer who took the photo, whether that is me or my 2nd photographer.  However, you do get a print release that allows you to have your photos printed.  A lot of people confuse copyright ownership with printing rights and they are 2 different things.  The print release is all you will need to make prints and albums.  Copyright just means I'm the only person who can sell and distribute the photos for publication.  If you would like to have your photos submitted for publication, please let me know and I'll be happy to work with you!

Q.  What kind of gear do you use?
     A:  At minimum I use 2 camera bodies, with my main being a Canon 5D Mark III, which produce photos with incredible sharpness and detail so that you can print them to large wall sizes with no loss in quality.  I use an assortment of lenses which include some of Canon's finest L-series lenses and Sigma Art series lenses.  This ensures that you will get everything from stunning wide angle shots of the church/venue all the way to stunning close-up shots of your rings.  I also bring along off-camera flashes and typically use those during the reception and at the wedding (if allowed by the church/venue).  I use natural light whenever possible, but use flash if I feel it will enhance the look of the photos.

Q.  How long does it take to get my pictures back?
     A:  About 90% of my weddings are edited and sent on a flash drive within 5-8 weeks.  The longest turnaround time was a little over 2 months.  Some are delivered within 4 weeks.  Processing can depend on the size of the wedding, the amount of photos taken, and the time of year. 

Q.  How many pictures do I get?
     A:  This depends on the wedding but usually for 8 hours of coverage I deliver on average 400-600 photos.  If you love to have photos taken of yourself and frequently pose and smile, you will get more photos.  If you are the type that feels weird about yourself in photos and don't want to pose for very many, you obviously will get less.  This is why it is critical to have at least an hour of time that is dedicated to just photos of the bride and groom and wedding party.  I tend to also go by the philosophy that having 500 great photos is better than having 1500 photos that weren't as well thought out and are "average".   Basically the more "photo ops" you have, the more photos you will get.  Weddings that have a lot of special or traditional elements like cake cuttings, bouquet toss, special dances, etc tend to get the most photos. 

Q.  Do I get all of the photos that are taken?
     A:  When I take photos there are often multiples of certain poses.  I choose the very best of each pose and anything that I feel is up to professional standards gets delivered.  I do not deliver photos of closed eyes, turned heads, and anything that is unflattering if I am already delivering a similar photo to it.  However, I do err on the side of caution and will deliver anything that might not be technically perfect that I think you might still want.

Q.  Can I order a basic package and wait to order an album after the wedding?
     A:  Yes!  In fact, many couples find that they have extra spending money from wedding gifts and use that to get their album later.  It is actually easier for most people to order their album after the wedding so that they can select their favorite type of cover, paper type, number of pages, etc. and not be bound to getting a standard or basic album as part of a package.  Just make sure to budget in a little extra if you are thinking about getting products after the wedding!

Q.  What happens if you can't make it to my wedding?
     A: I take wedding bookings very seriously and do everything in my power to not miss them.  The only force that could pry me away from your wedding would be severe illness or a family emergency.  This has never happened to me yet (knock on wood!) but I do network with several other photographers with a similar style to mine who likely would fill in and take over the wedding.  I actually shot 2 weddings during one weekend in 2015 when I had a wicked case of strep throat (Didn't know it was strep till I went to the med center after the 2nd wedding).  I had my second shooter take over a few more of the lead responsibilities and I made sure not to touch anyone and washed my hands a lot.  We photographers have each others' backs when it comes to emergencies and tragedies as well, so if the situation arises where I just cannot make it, there is a backup plan in place.

Q.  Who is your 2nd photographer?
     A:  If you book a package with a 2nd photographer, I choose from a handful of other photographers that I know who have similar gear and talent as myself.  I occasionally use my husband but he is actually in a band that often has gigs on the weekend so he's sometimes there with me, just not as a regular.  For more information about 2nd photographers, please refer to my post about second shooters in my blog.