Hi!  I'm Crystal VanAntwerpen.  I am based out of Muskegon, Michigan, and I do portrait sessions and weddings around West Central Michigan.  I started shooting portraits and weddings in 2012 and currently photograph a wedding almost every weekend during the summer and fall months.  That photo above is of me.  Sometimes I'm a little silly, because not every photo should be boring and plain!  I'm young enough to have fun and old enough to understand the responsibility of handling an event that doesn't have any "do overs". I started my business in the spring of 2012 with my husband Christian (formerly known as CVK Photography) and now we each run our own photography businesses.  His is centered more around architecture and preservation, whereas mine revolves largely around weddings and love!  We are no longer a husband and wife team, and have not been since 2014, but we work together several times per year when we can. (He’s just killing it with his own projects and can’t dedicate himself to doing weddings every single weekend).

I don't have any dramatic story about being born with a love of photography.  I was, however, born with a love of visual art.  I doodled and drew on literally everything and took every art class I could.  I pretty much have always had a camera... well, since I was 7 or 8 years old.  My mom and my older brother always had high-end cameras and a knack for photography so I watched them take photos and just followed suit.  It always kind of remained a hobby of mine until about 9 years ago.  That's when I got a "real" camera with various lenses and manual settings.  I got it because I wanted the photos I took of my kids to kick ass basically.... haha... truth though.  People liked what they were seeing and asked if I would start doing photos for them.  My husband encouraged me to pursue photography as a business. I was well aware that photography is a tough business to stand out in, so I was hesitant.  However, I decided to do a few photo sessions and a couple of weddings and quickly fell in love with doing weddings.  I DOVE in after that point.  I started working for a few other photographers in the area while also taking on weddings of my own, and before I knew it, I'd done probably at least 80 weddings or so (I lost count a long time ago).  I do other types of sessions here and there, but weddings are definitely where my passion is.  I love this career and can see myself doing it indefinitely!

My shooting style for weddings is mostly photojournalistic with minimal posing, other than for the bridal party, family photos, and some of the wedding couple.  I like to keep things clean and natural with just a very subtle film look when it comes to post-processing.  I cannot stress the word SUBTLE enough when it comes to post-processing.  Often I hear from others that they’d describe my style as “rich and colorful, yet not fake looking”. Trends are cool, but too often we look back in a few years and go "what was I thinking?!"  So, I keep things as natural as possible, with only enhancements that bring out a little contrast and vibrancy.

Other random facts about me that have literally nothing to do with photography include (haha):

  • If you have an animal, I need to pet and/or cuddle it... especially if its a cat. <3

  • I love photographing concerts and going to concerts. If I had to choose another dream career, it would definitely be a singer. I'm definitely inspired by music and considered becoming a voice teacher at one point.

  • Road trips are LIFE. The drive is just as fun as the destination.

  • I'm obsessed with fancy markers and other drawing utensils.

  • I usually win when playing Cards Against Humanity. Not sure whether to be proud or ashamed.

Please email me using my contact form if you've looked at my work and feel like we'd be a great fit!  I'll be happy to set up an in-person consult or a phone consult, depending on your preferences!